LADDIE: One daughter's journey to learn about her father, Alan Ladd Jr, the most influential studio head and producer you’ve never heard of. With 150 Academy Award nominations and 50 Academy Award wins, he’s one of the most successful movie moguls in history. His filmography consists of 164 films, including STAR WARS, POLICE ACADEMY, ALIEN, THELMA & LOUISE, NORMA RAE, CHARIOTS OF FIRE, BLADE RUNNER, MOONSTRUCK, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, THE BRADY BUNCH and BRAVEHEART. Brad Pitt, Susan Sarandon, Reese Witherspoon, Will Smith and Harrison Ford landed on the map due to breakout roles in his films. He’s worked with and championed the vision of directing legends including George Lucas, Ridley Scott, Ron Howard, Mel Gibson, Richard Donner, and Mel Brooks. But most likely…you’ve never even heard his name. Meet ALAN LADD, JR., affectionately known as “LADDIE.” Unlike his father, famed actor Alan Ladd, Laddie built his career behind the camera, as a prolific producer, executive, and three-time studio chairman. Never one to tout his achievements and rarely agreeing to interviews, Laddie, now approaching his sixth decade of moviemaking, reveals the inside story behind his mammoth success. Through a series of conversations initiated by Laddie’s daughter, we gain access to Laddie and an illustrious cast of Hollywood professionals; hear their stories in their voices, about Laddie—the most influential movie mogul you’ve never heard of...but won’t soon forget. The audience for LADDIE extends far beyond film students and movie buffs. Told by a star-studded cast including the highly private Ladd himself and interviewed by Ladd’s own daughter, LADDIE offers an exclusive inside look at the story of a quiet, unassuming everyman whose intelligence, kindness, head for business, and unflagging faith in the people he hired turned him into one of the most astronomically successful and prolific movie moguls in history. This is a film about a man who started out in the mailroom and beat the odds—making a millionaire not only of himself, but of so many of the now-high-profile talent he took a chance on when they were unknown. In an environment constantly conspiring to make you second-guess yourself, in which you’re only as good as your next big hit, Alan Ladd Jr. not only survived, not only rose to the top; he skyrocketed out of this world. Until now, Alan Ladd Jr. has remained virtually invisible—ironic, as he is the man with the Midas touch, perpetually finding and transforming untapped talent into household names. LADDIE will change all that, finally shining a spotlight on this invisible man, familiarizing the public with the behind-the-scenes mogul responsible for their favorite films and the existence of their favorite stars. Revealed by some of the most celebrated and iconic names today, LADDIE ponders the business of the business, positing whether the film industry has changed for better or worse in Ladd’s time, and tells the story of the wild, breakout success of the man behind the icons—a story with the potential to draw the widest possible global audience.